One Arm, Zero Handicap – Mastering Golf Against All Odds

Alex Fourie was born with one arm, smokes it 260 off the tee and is a scratch golfer. Alex tells us about growing up in an orphanage 70 miles outside of Chernobyl, overcoming adversity and reveals his mental approach that helped him become a teaching pro and a scratch player against all odds. Alex’s story is an…

"Golf is my life" By A One-Armed Golfer Who Sends His Thoughts to His Home Country, Ukraine.

Fourie was invited to participate in the 27th Japan Open for the Disabled held this fall. He is a one-armed golfer with no right arm. The Ukrainian-born Chernobyl orphan has to words in his life: "golf" and "challenge".   In October 2022, a one-armed golfer was on the practice green of Shin-Kimitsu Bell Green CC, where autumn…

"Mental Toughness" Alex Fourie, Pro Golfer

Charles and James are joined by golf pro-Alex Fourie, a guest who literally traversed the world and overcame some of the bleakest conditions imaginable to end up in the US competing in a sport he loves.Listen on Apple Podcasts here: Mental Toughness: Alex Fourie, Pro Golfer Watch the full video here!

Alex Fourie’s unlikely journey from a Ukraine orphanage to the U.S. Adaptive Open

Having worked at Golf Digest for more than 13 years, I’ve been fortunate to interview plenty of big names. It’s an incredible perk that never gets old, but none of those chats has left me feeling as in awe as I was after talking to Alex Fourie. Alex isn’t a PGA Tour star or a celebrity golfer,…

Against All Odds - Global Golf Post

One-Armed Ukrainian Orphan Becomes PGA Member.
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